We’re moving! — Temporarily


We’re moving – but it’s only temporary and we think the end result will be worth the wait and inconvenience.

Starting July 1, Doctors Sheila Carnett and Lori Claypool will be moving their offices across the street to 1014 Madison Street next to Capital Region Pediatric and Ob/Gyn Associates. You should be receiving a letter in a few days giving official notification.

But don’t worry! You will still be able to reach us at 634-3496 to make appointments or for other services. And, we’ll continue to offer you the same personalized care in obstetrics and gynecology – following our OB patients from their first office visit to their delivery and postpartum care and offering a wide range of office and hospital-based gynecological services and surgeries.

All this change will allow Drs. Carnett and Claypool to take part in the expansion of ambulatory services recently announced by Capital Region Medical Center. The project involves construction of a new building to house doctors offices and outpatient services. To make way for the new building, out current home in the Doctors Park Office Building will be demolished, so we have to move by the end of June. Once the new building is complete – projected for early 2015 – we’ll be moving again to be among the new tenants.

Although moving is a hassle, we’re excited about the new building and we think it will enhance the quality and convenience of health care offered in Jefferson City. We promise to make the transition in our offices as seamless as possible, so the only thing you’ll notice is the change in office décor.


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