Routine well-woman exam:

  • Pap smear
  • Breast exam
  • Pelvic exam
  • Referral for mammograms and other appropriate testing
  • Labs such as vitamin D, cholesterol, thyroid

Screening for sexually transmitted diseases

Pregnancy testing

Infertility evaluation/treatment

Prenatal care:

  • Routine care and care of high-risk pregnancies
  • Ultrasound for pregnancy dating
  • Ultrasound biophysical profile for fetal wellbeing

Vaginal deliveries

Cesarean deliveries

Surgical consultation/evaluation/treatment:

  • Hysterectomy – abdominal and minimally invasive
  • Surgical sterilization – laparoscopic and hysteroscopic
  • Endometrial ablation – in hospital and in office
  • Laparoscopy
  • Hysteroscopy – in hospital and in office
  • Transvaginal urethral sling for urinary incontinence
  • Cervical conization and loop electrosurgical excision procedure
  • Ablation of endometriosis

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